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Most of you would have saw the news on the closure of The Motley Fool Singapore.
While we are saddened by their departure, we are happy to announce an exclusive tie up with
THE SMART INVESTOR - the team behind the popular Motley Fool Singapore investment portal.

For investors looking for a steady income from their investments, Singapore dividend stocks are the gift that keeps giving.

But finding the right stocks for YOU can be daunting.

It requires a robust, time-tested investment process to sieve out the good companies. And that's not the end of it. After finding the companies, you will need to decide how much to put in for each stock.

And that's where The Smart Investor comes in. They will show you what stocks they are picking and how much to invest.

In this exclusive members-only report, The Smart Dividend Portfolio 2020 will cover 3 dividend-paying stocks to kickstart your year.

A special note from The Smart Investor....

The Smart Dividend Portfolio 2020 is a special collaboration between The Smart Investor team and ShareInvestor.

In this portfolio, we will be covering three stocks that the team feels confident enough that we will be using our own hard-earned money to buy all three.

The Smart Investor truly believes in these 3 stocks for us to put our cash to work.

For the past 7 years, The Smart Investor team, David Kuo, Chin Hui Leong, and Joanna Sng, built and grew The Motley Fool Singapore from the ground up. We've spent the past 7 years going through stocks on the SGX, analysing and studying them.

We have built up a reputation for giving honest, unbiased stock advice and helping our members to make money from their investments. We have given advice to over 150,000 members while in The Motley Fool Singapore.

Our top 3 performing services within The Motley Fool Singapore have trounced the market's performance. Motley Fool Singapore Stock Advisor Gold produced a return of 30.2% versus the STI returning 7.8% over the same time period. Motley Fool Ultimate 8 produced a return of 29% versus the STI of 6.4% over the same time period. And Motley Fool Singapore MoneyMakers returned 19.8% versus the STI's return of 6.4%.

Our Personal Income Portfolio that we used to run in The Motley Fool has earned over $31,000 in less than 2 years.

And now we are bringing this expertise to The Smart Investor, starting with our Smart Dividend Portfolio 2020 where we will show you how we are going to choose the top 3 dividend-paying stocks for 2020.

And we're not going to stop there.

In the special report, we will also share our thinkings behind how we would allocate our money between those 3 stocks within our Smart Portfolio.

In short, we will show you how you can start building a dividend income portfolio.

So come join us on this special journey...

For more information, please visit us at

The regular price of The Smart Dividend Portfolio 2020 is $299.
Exclusive for members only - $99

For $99 only, you will get:
  • A special introductory report written by David Kuo, Co-Founder of The Smart Investor, former CEO of The Motley Fool Singapore. David's Personal Income Portfolio within The Motley Fool has earned over $31,000 in less than 2 years.
  • 3 stock reports that we are choosing for our very own Smart Dividend Portfolio 2020; including our proprietary analyses and detailed notes.
  • A blueprint on how to start building a dividend portfolio.
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